Tuesday, December 15, 2009

why fairytales should be real.

from weheartit.com. taken by a lovely lady on flickr.

i would love it so, if fairytales were real.
i would not be the star, but a side-character. because us wallflowers, we seamlessly are swept to the side. no, i would be a little faerie, whom refuses to be pushed out of the story. this particular faerie would wear tutus of all colors and shapes. the delicate pink, unicorn blue, mustard yellow, a charming red. but despite these lovely tutus she would still be a side-character, yes, i would much prefer her to be a side-character.

i do wish fairytales were real.

anyways, even though i do so love color, lately i have been fancying white-on-white. it's so crisp and just brightens up your day. i dearly love the fact that there are different, lovely shades of white, it's all so wonderful. what i do not love is beading. i do not understand rhinestones. why use useless bits of beads when you could have beautiful buttons, svelte ribbons, and pretty jewelry? i do not understand.


Monday, December 14, 2009

memories of gold and silver tinsel.

A little girl raising a candy-cane to her lips as if it was a cigar. Pretty tinsel placed in odd place around the house. Tinkling piano music, mostly good, sometimes bad. Jazzy Christmas music with trumpets and trombones and everything. Hidden presents that are never under the tree. A slightly frazzled mother. Watching Christmas specials on the television. Gorging on holiday treats.

Merry Holiday Season!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

WHOA. it's been awhile. welcome earthling.

when i'm not raving about the very comfortable school sweat pants I just got around to buying... {which, by the way, are very cozy, thank you very much}, I am..


Eagerly awaiting the Holidays.




Exploring.. 'The Wilderness MUST BE EXPLORED! C-CAW!" {The Pixar Movie Up}


Wondering.. What is a DOG doing with a hat that should belong to me?

Listening. Isn't this COSMIC? Marie Antoinette.. is listening.. to an IPOD.
HAHA. Ironic. She's going to have her head chopped off in about 3 hours.

Computing. I was born Techie. Unfortunately, this is not me. I wish I had long,
red hair. But no. Picture an average-sized Asian girl, typing away on an ancient,
honking PC. DIE PC, DIE.

that is all,


We have a box of heart-shaped chocolates. And we're watching you.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Good afternoon. I'm sick. And there are 1 and a half days until Thanksgiving. So, I am bored, and really tired. And I am blogging. It's a huge feat!

Right now I am blogging and awaiting the dreaded homemade orange juice, when I really should be taking a nap or doing homework. The last T.V. show I watched was Gilmore Girls, from the first season. Recently I read Alice in the Wonderland. I am thinking that I should really re-join Briars Hollow.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday Wishes.

Hullo. Today is Sunday. I don't feel to happy, yesterday we visited my Grandma, and now, I feel sad.

This cheered me up. Alot. Wizard of Oz, yo!


He knows where you live. MHM. :)


The End.

Happy Sunday, guys.


Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fantastic Mr. Fox would like to invite you to tea.

Hi! Well. This is it, I hope to inspire you guys, it'll be wonderful, I hope to be more active just for you.


HA. I love this art, it's so cosmically whimsical.
From here: http://www.juliemorstad.com/

Isn't this dreamy? from unicorndiaries.com/


Mah friend's blog.


It's Winter Time.
I love the dark brown almost black tree branches across the cloudy skies.
I love drinking citrus tea.
I love watching the Gilmore Girls with my mom and little sister,
while it's dark outside.
And, I love large, large thick coats.


BE.. the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

GUISE. I deleted all my old posts, this is because I found them strangely uninspirational. So, hopefully, my posts will be MORE erm, inspiring.

Basically, I am starting FRESH. Yes, Isabel is taking a new look on blogging. I've been very inspired by Mila of Loveology's blog, Tavi's blog, and my friend's blog. It's all quite wonderful.

Alright, expect more from me, alright? Good.